About Real-Time Card

About Real-Time Card

Life Made Easy with the Real-Time Card

Allianz Global Assistance’s Real-Time Card settles your eligible claim in just a few minutes. There’s no claims process and no paperwork. It’s that simple!

A first in Canada, this unique solution allows you to pay for outpatient medical expenses in real-time using a prepaid card, eliminating the need for the typical claims process and paperwork which you are accustomed to.

If your plan includes a Real-Time Card and you require emergency medical help at an outpatient facility while travelling, call Allianz Global Assistance to have funds added to the card. 

You can then proceed to the medical provider for treatment where you will present the card as payment. Once payment is made using the card, the claim is settled immediately, in real-time, with no out-of-pocket expenses, paperwork or claim process. 

This new program is offered through a partnership with PassportCardTM

For more information on the Real-Time Card, please read our terms of use.

How Does it Work?

1. If you have a medical emergency, contact us before seeking treatment at 1-800-995-1662. 

2. A customer representative will ask a few questions about your condition. If you require outpatient treatment and your coverage is eligible, funds will be transferred to your card within minutes and we will refer you to the nearest available medical clinic. 

3. Proceed to the medical provider and present your card as payment once treated. That’s it – no out-of-pocket expenses and no claim to file! 

Important Reminders

1. Your Real-Time Card is valid with a specific purchase of travel insurance from CUMIS General Insurance Company. 

2. If you have not received your card, please contact us. 

3. Keep your card in your wallet to ensure that you’ll have it on hand when travelling abroad. 

4. This card can only be used to settle outpatient expenses covered under the terms and conditions of the policy that this endorsement is attached to. Please read your travel insurance policy in detail to understand complete terms, conditions and exclusions of coverage. 

5. Questions? We’re here to help! Just call us at 1-800-995-1662. 

6. Our 24/7 customer care phone number is also printed on your card.