Mondial Assistance Announces Online Claims Filing

The new site greatly improves the travel insurance claims process by removing the need for customers to call in while also significantly improving claims payment turnaround times. Instead of waiting to receive, fill out and send back a claim form in the mail, customers can visit the site and have their claim filed and ready for adjudication within minutes.

Guiding the customer through each step of the claim filing process, the site provides details on required documentation and allows the customer to upload either scanned copies or image files of their documents directly to the site.

In a few simple steps, claims can be submitted for popular travel insurance benefits including Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Trip Delay, Flight Delay as well as Baggage Loss and Delay.

The customer facing claims portal is integrated with Mondial Assistance Canada’s back office claims management system so that the claim is ready to be adjudicated by Claims staff as soon as it has been submitted online.

 “Customer feedback has been extremely positive thanks to the user-friendly design of the site and much faster end to end claims filing process,” said Sandy Winfield, Vice President of Operations.

To see Mondial Assistance Canada’s new claims filing site first hand, please visit:

To learn more about integrating Mondial Assistance’s travel insurance products into your travel offering, please contact Dianne Jackson at 1-800-461-1079 ext. 2002 or by email at