Our History

Our History

Allianz Global Assistance in Canada

1988: Based in Kitchener, Ontario, Allianz Global Assistance is originally established under the World Access Canada name to administer travel related service programs for the Canadian insurance market. 

1992: World Access Canada supports the new travel needs of Canadians by expanding into a full-service emergency assistance and claims centre.

2000: Mondial Assistance Group, comprised at the time of Mondial Assistance and Elvia, acquires the World Access Group, thereby becoming the world's largest travel assistance company. 

2008: World Access Canada joins 28 other Mondial Assistance business units in an international rebranding effort, changing its operating name to Mondial Assistance Canada in support of the global Mondial Assistance brand. 

2012: Mondial Assistance rebrands to Allianz Global Assistance, as part of a worldwide rebranding effort which began at the global level in 2010. 

January 2015: Allianz Global Assistance merges with TIC Travel Insurance to form one of the largest travel insurance providers in Canada. TIC’s extensive history supporting Canadian customers brings the merged entity’s experience to 50+ years.

November 2015: TIC officially rebrands to Allianz Global Assistance, unifying the recently merged company in both name and brand.