Seeking medical treatment

If your policy or certificate of insurance includes out-of-country medical benefits administered by Allianz Global Assistance, and you require medical care while travelling, it is critical that you contact Allianz Global Assistance before seeking treatment. Our caring and experienced in-house medical team is ready to help you 24/7.

Healthcare providers around the world differ significantly in terms of quality of care, facilities and expertise – even within the same city. Allianz Global Assistance manages a network of over 900,000 medical providers worldwide and invests in monitoring the quality and competencies of hospitals and clinics around the world.

In your time of need, our Emergency Assistance Specialists will guide you to the most optimal healthcare provider based on your condition and location – whether that is to seek emergency help at a specific nearby hospital, visit a walk-in clinic or take a house-call, or to speak with a virtual health provider through Virtual Care, our TeleMedicine solution.

Our Emergency Assistance Specialists will also arrange payment on your behalf whenever possible, and share important information and next steps related to your claim.

In a life-threatening medical emergency, get to a hospital immediately and have a family member or friend call Allianz Global Assistance on your behalf within 24 hours of admission and before any surgery is performed.

Allianz Global Assistance can be reached toll free within North America using the number included on your confirmation of coverage or wallet card. If you do not have your confirmation of coverage or wallet card with you, please contact us as follows:

  • Within North America: 1-866-520-8823
  • Outside North America – call collect: 1-519-742-9013

International operator assistance may be required for collect calls, so please confirm how to call collect to Canada from your destination before leaving.

Once your case is opened by our Emergency Assistance Specialists over the phone, you will have the option to complete your claim online through our Claims Portal  for faster processing.