When you bring the right things together, it sets you apart

What differentiates your business from the next? In today’s competitive travel market, your customers need clear indicators that enable them to choose your business to help protect them on their journeys abroad. Having the right partner is critical to helping your offering stand out.
Together we can shape and position your brand for success. 
What we do and how we do it are a testament to the value we deliver to your customers. Depend on a partner that shares industry expertise and offers the tools and support you need to drive bottom-line growth and stay ahead of the competition.
We are customer journey experts who are more than a strategic partner - consider us your travel insurance consultant. Through our diverse range of products and services, we can help you expand your business and find new ways to connect with customers.
We seamlessly integrate into your existing offerings, minimizing disruptions to your business and maximizing accessibility for your customers. Our customer-centric ecosystem provides relevant offers at the right time, delivering an enhanced experience that creates loyal customers.
By combining a tradition of excellence with a continuous drive to accelerate beyond the traditional,  we have forged singular capabilities that make us uniquely equipped to accompany you and your customers on the journey ahead.
Best-in-class experiences

Personal approach meets powerful moments

With people at the heart of all we do, we create moments that matter to customers—and keep them coming back again and again.

  • Delivering Guided Care in the moments that matter most to your customers is at the heart of what we do
  • Our in-house medical team balances high quality of care with thoughtful medical expense management
  • With programs like Voice of Customer, we turn insights into action—creating real solutions for travellers‘ evolving needs
Worldwide expertise

Global reach meets local touch

Expert help deserves exceptional reach. Local knowledge is our worldwide specialty, giving you reliable support across the globe.

  • With a physical presence in over 40 countries, our fellow business units provide on the ground support
  • Our worldwide network boasts both quantity and quality, thanks to our proprietary provider screening program
  • Using guidelines developed by our international medical team, we balance quality and appropriateness of care for the customer with optimal cost management
Reliable delivery

Dependable expertise meets unexpected ease

We thrive on our diversity and breadth of experience, making it simpler to respond to changing market, customer, and partner needs—even in trying times.

  • We take pride in our long-standing partnerships with a diverse range of high profile Canadian and international brands that trust us with their customers
  • Our commitment to partners includes a full-circle approach that can help your business grow
  • We are a close-knit group of experts who thrive on delivering the best experience possible to you and your customers
Sophisticated marketing

Informed insights meets inspired interactions

Half art, half science, our marketing blends smart analytics with compelling creative to optimize the entire customer journey.

  • We keep you ahead of the curve by sharing and applying our marketing intelligence through effective sales collateral and regular communications
  • We work to identify opportunities where we can add value to your customers’ experiences
  • We leverage emerging trends and actionable analytics from our centralized in-house to create highly relevant, customer-centric marketing strategies
Accelerated growth

Daily development meets lasting results

With day-to-day support centered on long-term profitability, we deepen your customer relationships and position your business for a stronger future.

  • We offer a competitive breadth of specialty insurance products and assistance services to protect travellers
  • We set you up with competitive compensation, sales tools, training and support to grow your bottom line
  • We keep a close eye on industry regulations to maintain profitability for your business and stability for your customers

To learn more, please email the following to newbusiness@allianz-assistance.ca:

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