Maximize your potential for business success

What differentiates your business from the next? In today’s competitive travel market, your customers need clear indicators that enable them to choose your business to help protect them on their journeys abroad. Having the right partner is critical to helping your offering stand out. 

Having the right partner can equip you to elevate the customer experience you deliver and strategically position you to propel your business forward.

As the global leader in travel insurance and assistance solutions, Allianz Global Assistance safeguards your customers and their travel experiences with outstanding protection whenever they travel. We are the partner that gives you the advantage of a truly global reach along with a local touch to keep your customers safe while abroad.

Discover how the Allianz Advantage and our all-in, customer-first approach can help you exceed your customers’ expectations and expand your business’ potential for success.

  • Emergency assistance available 24/7/365 to help customers solve medical and travel-related emergencies
  • An in-house medical team of 1 chief medical officer, and more than 20 doctors and nurses combined to ensure high-quality care for customers
  • A Voice of the Customer program to collect feedback and accommodate customers’ changing needs
  • Competitive products and compensation, sales tools, training and Agency Services support to help drive bottom-line growth
  • A quick, convenient online point-of-sale system
  • Licensed Consumer Sales Centre to make the sale on referral
  • Allianz Partners has a presence in over 75 countries and the backing of Allianz SE, the 21st largest company in the world
  • Worldwide network of 900,000+ medical facilities
  • Trusted by over 200 million people around the world to protect their well-being and travel plans

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