Travellers’ demand for more flexibility is defining post-pandemic travel as customers seek to manage a wider range of potential issues. 

Allianz Global Assistance, a leading Canadian travel insurance and assistance provider, is simplifying its Canadian business to stimulate new growth opportunities and take greater ownership of its customer experience. 
The pandemic has led to a rise in the eco-conscious consumer, with a greater appetite for environmentally friendly journeys. The renewed focus on greener journeys was a key theme emerging from this year’s Allianz Partners’ Global Travel Summit.
With Covid-19 as much a factor of travel in this country as elsewhere, Canadians planning to visit another province or territory also need to ensure they’re well prepared – and protected – for a safe trip closer to home.
Here’s what travellers planning a getaway in the coming months should consider to help them get the most value from their travel coverage, and make confident decisions around their safety and protection before their trip begins.
At Allianz Global Assistance, we tailor the assistance and support we provide to customers in an emergency based on their unique situation, which helps ensure we deliver the right level of care and attention at each stage of their journey with us.