The Pandemic has led to a Greater Appetite for Greener Journeys

Paris, May 3, 2022

The pandemic has led to a rise in the eco-conscious consumer, with a greater appetite for environmentally friendly journeys. As we enter a new era, travellers are beginning to think about the environmental impact of their journeys and taking more responsibility for their own personal impact on the environmenti. The renewed focus on greener journeys was a key theme emerging from this year’s Allianz Partners’ Global Travel Summit.

The 3-day virtual Summit focused on emerging trends in the travel industry as the world emerges from the global pandemic and also holds space for a new era of opportunity for the travel industry to be a leader for the eco-conscious consumer.

Allianz Partners partnered with global consumer trends agency, Foresight Factory, and other industry experts to explore the current and upcoming trends impacting travel, allowing Allianz Partners to stay ahead of the curve in terms of meeting the evolving needs of customers around the world.

The trends were based on extensive research carried out by both Foresight Factory and also Allianz Partners’ Customer Lab research, which found that it is now – more than ever – socially desirable to put the planet first and make more ethical, sustainable, and greener choices. This was supported by research findings such as that six in ten (60%) families, aged 25-40, say they will pay more attention to the environmental impact of their travel in the future, compared to pre-pandemicii.

The social ethics of travelling is weighing on the minds of travellers as they consider the various eco-conscious travelling options available to them. The slow travel trend, which positions the journey itself as a holiday destination or activity, also promotes more sustainable holiday options like travel by train or recreational vehicle (motorhomes, campervans, coaches, caravans).

As such, the need to adapt to this new travel landscape has never been more important and is a priority for us at Allianz Partners. We are helping our customers and partners navigate through these challenging times and are focused on turning travel insurance into full end-to-end travel protection, and we’re excited about what the future holds. 

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About Allianz Partners
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About the Customer Lab
Allianz Partners’ Customer Lab, an in-house consumer intelligence incubator, supporting the Allianz Group and its partners in understanding their customers’ key needs, attitudes and drivers of choice towards insurance and assistance solutions. Their proprietary quantitative database of customer insights surveyed over 60,000 customers across 27 countries around the world, generating over 25 million behavioural data points. In 2021, a new wave surveyed an additional 23K consumers across across Mexico, Thailand, Japan, Singapore Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Slovakia, Romania, Portugal and Greece and included questions related to COVID emerging new behaviours.
About Foresight Factory
Foresight Factory is a leading international consumer futures business. Our core expertise is based on identifying and forecasting social and consumer trends and determining the extent of their impacts on markets, services, brands and products. Since our launch in 1996, we have worked to meet the strategic needs of businesses through the application of insight. We identify, measure and examine trends, attitudes and behaviours through the rigorous analysis of quantitative and qualitative research. Our robust programme of research provides businesses with the grounding and confidence to anticipate the likely impact of the evolving consumer environment.
i Foresight Factory, Base 854-4637, online respondents per country aged 16+, March 2021
ii Allianz Partners’ Customer Lab 2021, surveying 23K consumers across Mexico, Thailand, Japan, Singapore Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Slovakia, Romania, Portugal and Greece, including questions related to COVID emerging new behaviours. Trends come from Foresight Factory Collision.