Ready, set, before you go

From a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Borneo to an extended visit to Canada for the arrival of a new family member, Allianz Global Assistance helps Canadians and visitors to Canada explore the world with confidence.

We offer emergency medical and trip-related assistance and support for those unexpected moments that sometimes happen along the way.

You’ve picked a great place to begin your journey. Here you’ll find essential information to help ensure your time away is enjoyable and safe – from start to finish.

Before you go, ensure you’re not caught short by unexpected surprises – such as a sudden illness or cancelled flight – that you weren’t prepared for.
If you’re in vacation mode when something you couldn’t have seen coming happens, help is just a tap away with the TripWise Mobile App. 
If your journey takes an unexpected turn, here are some tips on how to make a claim – and help ensure your experience is a smooth one.
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Travel Insurance - What you know and expect