Covid-19 and unexpected events – Consider both for a safe trip closer to home

While Canadians may value travel insurance for an international trip in the coming months more now compared to before the pandemic, 43% say they’ll travel in Canada this winter.* With Covid-19 as much a factor of travel in this country as elsewhere, Canadians planning to visit another province or territory also need to ensure they’re well prepared – and protected – for a safe trip closer to home. As professionals at helping Canadians feel secure wherever they travel, Allianz Global Assistance is an ideal choice to help them fully and confidently enjoy their experience.

Evolving travel restrictions and concerns around contracting Covid-19 while vacationing in another country are two top reasons Canadians would choose Canada as their travel destination in the coming months. However, Covid-19 is also very much present within our own borders and travellers need to account for this and ensure their travel coverage is appropriate for their trip. We offer plans that include benefits if you need medical treatment for COVID-19 while you’re travelling outside of Canada, to cancel your trip before departure, or interrupt it in progress because you contract COVID-19.   

Travellers also need to remember that unforeseen events can happen while travelling in Canada and that emergency medical coverage for such possibilities is still recommended. If you need to go to the doctor or hospital unexpectedly, provincial healthcare covers from $50 to $465 CAD/day – a fraction of the thousands you could have to pay out of pocket for your treatment. Offering up to $10 million in medical benefits and extensive assistance capabilities that go well beyond government plan coverage, having medical protection can help ease travellers’ minds and their wallets.

Another consideration, particularly at this time of year, is the weather. Winter storms can cause cancelled or delayed flights, which can quickly blow your travel plans off course. For situations like these, trip interruption and trip cancellation coverage can reimburse you for a range of trip-related costs, which can make up a significant portion of your travel investment.

While Canadians might see Canada as a safer travel option over the coming months, they need to weigh their protection options carefully. Travellers are strongly encouraged to read their policy, including benefits, exclusions and limitations, to understand how their coverage works and what to expect in an emergency. Travellers should also check Government of Canada advice and requirements as well as any requirements at their destination ahead of their trip.

* Allianz Global Assistance 2021 Winter Vacation Confidence survey

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