Putting travel protection into financial perspective

Whether guiding your customers to insure their first home, find the right coverage for their new car, or plan for retirement, you protect your customers and those moments in life that matter most. We share this commitment when we work with our broker partners to assist their customers if they experience an emergency while travelling. 

As our long-standing insurance industry partners know, what we do and how we do it are a testament to the value we deliver in helping travellers safeguard their future. They are also our assurance that together, we can shape and position your brand for success.

As your insurance partner, Allianz Global Assistance...

...delivers an experience that makes you look good in the eyes of your customers.

Keeping customers happy and loyal to your brand are key to your success. It is also what makes us unique. Position your brokerage and offering above the competition by enhancing the great customer experience you deliver with a partner that listens and responds to the voice of your customers.

...has a strategic presence around the world to better serve you and your customers.

The world is a big place. Your customers look to you to help them navigate it safely. Take comfort in knowing that your customers have the support of a partner with a presence in 44 countries worldwide that is ready to ensure your customers receive the best level and quality of care while they travel.

...provides you with a full product and service suite to fit all your customer needs.

The ability to offer competitive products is a win for brokers and helps deepen your relationships with your customers. Depend on a partner that shares industry expertise and offers the tools and support you need to drive bottom-line growth and stay ahead of the competition.

Products for Canadians
  • Emergency Hospital & Medical
  • All-inclusive Package
  • Youth Plan
  • Trip Cancellation & Interruption
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Flight Accident
  • Canadian Expatriates
Products for Visitors to Canada
  • Visitors to Canada 
  • Inpatriates to Canada
  • International Students to Canada

To learn more, please email the following to newbusiness@allianz-assistance.ca:

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  • Industry (ex. home and auto, travel, financial)
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